Longview Coin Dealer

Longview Coin Dealer

Always Offering Fair Value for your Antique and Collectible Coins.

When it comes to getting the right price for your old coins in Longview, TX, the experts at Jewelry, Coin, and Diamond Exchange are the folks to trust. Our dealer has 16 years of experience trading in collectible coins, and has a solid reputation for honesty and making sure that you're informed about the true value of your items. He will assist you with coin identification and pricing and will make you a fair offer on your coins, regardless of their condition.
Why let those old coins gather dust in the attic when you can trade them for cold, hard cash at Longview's Jewelry, Coin, and Diamond Exchange? We buy and sell:

  • American / U.S. Coins
  • Unique and Rare U.S. Coins
Come by Jewelry, Coin, and Diamond Exchange in Longview, TX, today - or call us at 903-297-6623 with any questions.

Is there a treasure trove languishing in your basement?

If you have old, rare, or unique coins, our experts are eager to help you turn them into cold, hard cash. Count on our 15 years of experience and reputation for immaculate customer service for coin selling made easy. Our friendly professionals will assist with coin identification and pricing, and we can take your coins in any condition.

You'll get competitive pricing with us!

Get the honest service you need from experts dedicated to fair payments, and get more with Jewelry, Coin, and Diamond Exchange today!